Puzzle Arcade - the online jigsaw game with a twist! With so many jigsaw puzzles at your fingertips, you can play in multiple modes and challenge yourself differently every time. Become Master of the Jigsaw Universe all by yourself or play alongside friends - the possibilities are endless.

Puzzle Arcade offers a great multiplayer experience with a variety of competitive and cooperative modes. With support for the LIVE Vision camera, players can grab pictures to use as puzzles. Plus, download additional puzzle packs from Marketplace. Are you up to the jigsaw challenge?

  • 35+ jigsaw-puzzles featuring photos, artwork and illustrations
  • Expandable with downloadable Picture Packs
  • Classic and Turbo mode
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • 20 Puzzle-Challenges
  • Multiplayer-support for 4 gamers at the same console and over LIVE
  • Puzzle-Gallery to showcase completed puzzles
  • LIVE Vision Camera support to make and share your own puzzles